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Spiel Des Jahers Winners

2015 Winner

We are bandits in the Wild West, robbing a three-dimensional train on a daring journey over switching points, bridges and through tunnels. Revolvers smoke and fists fly as we race from carriage to carriage, robbing the passengers and beating our rivals. Watch out, the marshal’s coming! The outlaws quickly flee onto the roof, where the action continues as before. We take turns to play action cards onto a communal stack – sometimes face-up, sometimes face-down, sometimes two at a time, depending on where we are on the track. But it’s only at the end of the round that we see the results of what we’ve programmed in: fistfights, trigger fingers and the dreaded marshal ensure surprises and laughter. With its simple rules, “Colt Express” scripts a fast and furious adventure, the envy of any film director.

Our recommendation: 3 - 6 players

Ding dong, your elixir is here! Anyone who’s anyone in the world of wizardry lets speedy witches or bearded druids deliver freshly-brewed potions straight to their door. The players assume the role of one of these flying delivery services on the hunt for points and magic wands. Every round they choose four out of ten different roles, in order to produce potions and deliver them to castles. Each card shows an action which has two types: brave or cowardly. The brave action is more rewarding but also riskier: a later player may steal it away from you. Is it better to play it safe, choose the cowardly option and be satisfied with less? “Broom Service” is a trick-taking game which rewards planning, intuition and brave (and sometimes cowardly) play.

Our little town is ready to grow. Where at first only wheat fields and the village bakery slept the day away, soon the urban sprawl will give rise to shops, factories and cafés. Each player is the new mayor of one such mini-metropolis and wants to construct the four landmarks: train station, radio tower, amusement park and shopping mall. Players take turns to roll (at first) one die, then all players check whether their buildings produce any income. Some buildings only bring in money on the active player’s turn, others when it’s someone else’s go too. This money is in turn invested in new enterprises – or in one of the important landmarks. “Machi Koro” is a quick and light strategic building game for little and large town planners, who live in little and large towns.

2014 Winner

This camel race is completely crazy: When the hump-backed animals land on a space they have to piggyback on top of one another – and the one on the bottom brings the others along for the ride! What’s going to happen? That’s for the players to work out: They’ll be betting on the outcome of the race as well as who’s in the lead along the way, when each camel has moved once. You can win a lot of money if you’ve got a good nose for these things. But it can often go wrong when, against all odds, the camels do what they want. This hectic game works with small and large groups. With six or more players there is obviously much less chance to influence the game but it’s not important because that’s when “Camel Up” goes from a family game to a great party game.

The traders of Istanbul have their sights set on rubies.They can collect the jewels by trading goods and earning money with the help of their four assistants. Haggling at the tea house or at the black market is of course a part of it as well. If you’ve got enough material on your wheelbarrow you can visit the mosque, supply the Sultan or shop at the jeweller’s. The sequence of actions needs to be thought out carefully, however, as once they’ve entered a place, the assistants have to stay there until you pick them up later. Otherwise you’ll lose some room for manoeuvre. An encounter with your competitors can also be expensive. Due to the variable set-up of the 16 place tiles, every game challenges players to find the best tactical route through the bazaar.

As a merchant with a penchant for gems, the players in “Splendor” have joined the precious stone business. You’ll purchase mines, establish transport routes, employ skillful polishers and open jewellery boutiques in the shopping alleys of the Renaissance. And by positioning yourself particularly cleverly, you can win the favour of one of the prominent noblemen and women of the era. With its sturdy poker chips as pre cious stones and its atmospheric illustrations, as well as the simple game mechanic, “Splendor” quickly creates a sense of theme. Players buy cards to make future investments cheaper and to gain the all-important victory points. You’ll need to recognise good opportunities and have a keen tactical sense to become Europe’s greatest precious stone merchant.

2013 Winner

The word Hanabi is Japanese and means something like fire flower or fireworks. In this case, Hanabi is an unusual cooperative and communicative card game. Cards with fireworks images must be laid down in rows ordered by colours and numbers. The only problem: The players take up their cards the wrong way around. Unlike in standard card play, they do not see their own hand of cards, but can always look at the cards of other players. From hints such as: "These cards are blue" or "You have a three, this is it" and with the knowledge from previous rounds, the player must identify which card he should play or discard. The number of hints is limited, and after three mistakes, the game is lost. Who can create the maximum number of points: the perfect fireworks?

il creatures threaten the land of Andor. King Baldur’s subjects are particularly afraid of Tarok the Dragon, but there are some heroes willing to put up a fight. In this cooperative fantasy game, the players join forces as dwarfs, wizards, archers and warriors and embark on challenging and varied adventures. To survive in the so-called legends requires determined action and efficient application of the particular talents of each of the heroes. Those who can best bundle will and strength have better chances in the duel of the dice against skrals or wardraks. However, nearly all actions take time. If the objective of the legend is not reached in time, Evil wins. As the legend is gradually explained, the heroes first learn about the true objective during the game itself.

The Enchanted Tower

The sinister sorcerer Ravenhorst has locked up the princess in the tower and hidden the key somewhere in the forest. However, Brave Robin has already begun to search for it: does the key lie under a rock or is it hidden between flowers? In this three-dimensional game, sixteen openings in the board are covered with little tiles. Together, the players move a magnetic game piece from tile to tile. When they hear a "click", Robin has found the correct hiding place and must now use the key to try to open one of six identical-looking locks on the tower. If he selects the right one, the princess jumps up in the air for joy. However, if the team chooses the wrong lock, the magician gets to hide the key all over again. Teamwork and a good memory are called for in this beautifully appointed magnetic game.

2012 Game of the year

Kingdom Builder