April 3rd, Friday 6:00 PM

New School Night

700 points constructed-Bring a team of characters created after 1980.

House Rules

All events are modified golden age (or silver age if you like). This means we allow all figures, colossal, vehicles, feats, event dials etc in our regular tournaments unless otherwise stated. The only restriction is no figure that comes with a card (ie Avengers forward) can be assigned any cardboard (ie. feats) and we do not allow bfc's. ATA's are perfectly legal. We DO enforce the highlander rule (no more than one of the same NAMED figure on a team) and we encourage creativity, competitiveness, and good sportsmanship in both team builds and game play. 

Since we do not give out the standard allotment of prizes (usually we give out AT LEAST one prize per player) we typically distribute prizes randomly unless it is a wizkids approved play tournament event or buy-in event. In fact, during buy-ins, we normally have more prizes than players depending on how many people buy-in. In other words, the more people that buy-in the more prizes we have to give out. Prizes are awarded randomly except during 
War of Light type events unless otherwise stated. We feel this encourages players to play for fun rather than always playing meta level teams to win the "LE of the week". It is also possible to win a prize for exceptionally good sportsmanship or game play. 

Because we encourage people to have fun we normally get between 8 to 12 players per event and this includes a good mix of players of various levels of play ability. Come and have fun!