End Zone Event's

D&D League Play

Held Every Thursday 

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

If you think you have what it takes to brave the fiercest foes, fight the toughest battles, and conquer the vilest enemies, we have the Dungeons & Dragons play experience for you! Gather your master tacticians and rules experts together to kick down the dungeon doors and begin the assault! D&D Lair Assault is a new Wizards Play Network in-store program that pits tactically-minded players against a super challenge where the difference between victory and defeat is dependent upon your game knowledge, ability to adapt, and a little bit of luck. You'll pit your wits against some of the most difficult encounters you've ever played.

Each challenge is a mega-encounter that plays in just a few hours, but many will need to make more than one run at it in pursuit of victory. D&D Lair Assault challenges are available for a few months.

D&D Lair Assault has been designed for a quality, fun, super-challenging play experience that really encourages repeat play. We've designed the kits to accommodate as many players as possible by keeping the focus on the play experience, accomplishments, and bragging rights. Rather than making the challenge all about obtaining a physical "prize," it's about having a great time playing a fun D&D game available nowhere else