*******End Zone Gaming Center is now open on Sundays from Noon- 5:00 PM*******


Our main location, the Clearfield store offers two unique experiences.

Our Hobby side caters to board games, sports collectibles, Lego, and comic books and comic collectibles. We even have a room where customers can come in and try games out.

The Gaming side offers merchandise and tables to play such things as Warhammer (both versions), Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon, and Yu-gi-Oh.

At our Bountiful location you can find a taste of everything we carry up at our Clearfield locations. It is strictly a retail store but offers a wide range of merchandise from board games, Warhammer, Lego, D&D, and comics. If they don't have it at this location we can get it brought down from Clearfield or ordered for you.

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