Betrayal At House on the Hill:

Betrayal At House on the Hill is an immersive two-part exploring/survival game that takes place at a creepy mansion on top of a distant hill. Players take turns to explore different rooms of the house, discovering items, events, or omens as they trek through the decrepit halls. Every time a omen card is drawn, a Haunt Roll happens. If the number on the dice is less than the number of omen cards on the board, the Haunt begins. The Haunt scenario is chosen depending on the last omen drawn and the room it was found in- here the traitor is revealed and given the Traitor's Tome to read apart from the main group and discover their criteria for winning the game. The rest of the players read the Secrets of Survival tome to find their requirements for surviving the traitor's onslaught. The rest of the game is played out with good and evil players competing for success. Can you survive your visit to the House on the Hill?

BoardGameGeek- 7.1/10

Review from The End Zone Reviewer: 9.5/10

This is probably my most favorite game I've ever played. I often play it in a larger group, so it gets crazy sometimes, but it's a lot better than just two or three. I absolutely love the ambiance and gameplay- exploring a creepy house, finding spooky things, fighting the monster during the second half of the game. No matter how many times I play it, it's always different every time. I find the immense amount of replay-ability to be a great aspect of the game. There are also apps in the app stores that play music specifically made for this game (mostly fan-made), which add so much to the atmosphere. If you add on the expansion- Widow's Walk- it gives you 50 more scenarios to play out, so you'll never get bored with the same generic game over and over. It's a near-perfect game in my book, I highly recommend it for groups looking for a fantastic and fun experience in the realm of horror.

Betrayal at House on the Hill has won:

  • 2004 Origins Awards Gamers’ Choice Award Winner
  • 2005 Japan Boardgame Prize Best Advanced Game Nominee
  • 2006 Games 100 Family Game Honorable Mention

Expansions for this game include:

  • Widow's Walk

Widow's Walk adds 50 new haunts to the base game, a new attic floor, 30 new omen, event, and item cards, and 76 more tokens. It also adds a new game function: the dumbwaiter. It allows you to move floor to floor without the need for stairs.