Welcome to the world of DC Comics. We hope you enjoy your stay. From a range of comic book legends like ACTION COMICS and DETECTIVE COMICS to lesser known heroes like Super Sons or HawkMan, there is something here for everyone.

Down below you can learn about new upcoming series and titles that we can't seem to stop reading. Click on the pictures to learn when these come out!

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Upcoming Series and Epic Milestones

Batman Curse of the White Knight #1 (of 8)

Doom Patrol Weight of the Worlds #1

Batman Universe #1 (of 6)

Lois Lane #1

Superman: Up in the Sky #1 (of 6)

Action Comics #1012 (event leviathan tie-in)

Batman Damned #3 (of 3)

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson #1 (of 12)

Wonder Woman: Come Back to me #1 (of 6)

Comics that we can't wait to read!

(or ones that we just can't help but stare in awe of their amazing covers...)

Catwoman #13

Detective Comics #1006

Flash #75