On this plane, the planeswalker Azor created a powerful artifact known as the Immortal Sun. It’s purpose to trap the evil planeswalker Nicol Bolas. With this artifact in place Planeswalkers could enter Ixalan, but could not leave.

The Immortal Sun was once guarded by holy custodians in a mountaintop monastery on the continent of Torrezon. Its presence gave the local monarch a disproportionate amount of influence in regional matters. The monastery fell under attack by the forces of a rival kin, Pedron the Wicked, who stole the Immortal Sun but in turn lost it to an unidentified wined being. Eight hundred years ago, the mountainous nation called Torrezon split into three parts when the monarch died, each part ruled by one on the monarch’s children. A long religious war ensued, the war lasted three centuries. Elenda of Garrano, the first vampire however ended it. After the unification many of Torrezon’s nobles undertook of the vampiric transformative ritual, it became known as the Rite of Redemption by the church. The united Legion of Dusk began series of wars and eventually took over the whole continent. When the last city states were conquered, its inhabitants took to the sea forming the Brazen Coalition.

On the continent of Ixalan, the River Heralds were once the dominant inhabitants of Ixalan with a large power of their own, their strength was once enough to keep the Sun Empire out of the interior. The Sun Empire was first founded from Orazca by Chancanto Inti, who united the various city states in a central empire. Following the devastating war with the River Heralds under Apatzec Inti who had gain possession of the Immortal Sun and used it without restraint, their civilization was decimated to only a few coastal cities. The empire sill confronted the Heralds on its borders. The latest emperor asserted control and is expanding again.

The Sun Empire recently was besieged by pirate raids and the advance of the Legion of Dusk which is seeking the Immortal Sun. All factions close in on the Lost City of Orazca, which is said to hide the ancient artifact. The Immortal Sun was found by several of the faction, but then was stolen and removed from the plane by a henchman of Bolas. The barrier was now broken and several planeswalkers left the plane. Meanwhile, in a level playing field, the Sun Empire seemed to take control of the continent of Ixalan.

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